Removing the barriers to attain sobriety from alcohol addiction

Accounts of innumerable users have vividly described the multifaceted hurdles standing in the way of patients recovering from alcohol. These obstacles range from financial constraints to intense cravings that keep the fear of relapse intact. With growing number of users falling prey to alcohol, particularly youngsters, it has become necessary to spread adequate awareness about drinking before little knowledge becomes a dangerous thing. Continue reading

4 reasons why women are prone to substance abuse

Many studies have reported higher likelihood of substance abuse in men as compared to women. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), men have higher exposure to drug use opportunities as compared to women and they are more indulged in illicit drug use. However, if given the same opportunity, men and women have equal likelihood to use drugs for the first time and progress to addiction. Furthermore, women are found to be more vulnerable than men to develop addiction or dependence on sedatives and drugs prescribed to treat anxiety or sleeplessness. In addition to this, the following factors increase the risk of substance abuse in women. Continue reading