Hair sampling by NYU discovers unintended use of bath salts

Ecstasy – also known as molly or MDMA – is a synthetic, psychoactive drug which acts in the brain like a stimulant that presents a high abuse and addiction liability. It is most often mixed with other psychoactive substances, including bath salts that are often found to mimic the effects of traditional illegal drugs. Bath salts, which are known to be more addictive than methamphetamine, can drive the young abusers to aggressive behavior. Continue reading

How drug addicts can re-enter society, reduce stigma

Most drug abusers hide their addiction to avoid criticism for engaging in such a lifestyle. Many such patients eventually compromise other areas of their life in one form or another, with some hitting rock bottom before treatment is sought out. If recovery is successful and the person is willing to change, the next step is re-entrance to society as a productive adult. Continue reading