How drug addicts can re-enter society, reduce stigma

How drug addicts can re-enter society, reduce stigma

Most drug abusers hide their addiction to avoid criticism for engaging in such a lifestyle. Many such patients eventually compromise other areas of their life in one form or another, with some hitting rock bottom before treatment is sought out. If recovery is successful and the person is willing to change, the next step is re-entrance to society as a productive adult.

Yet, there can be significant barriers when it comes to acceptance at this time, so it’s important to provide guidance that could be helpful in reducing this.

Starting small

While there is nothing wrong with being ambitious, those who have battled drug abuse may need to realize that more realistic expectations could be necessary. The person could have been naturally out of the workforce for a lengthy period due to his/her habits, and therefore need to accept a position that is not necessarily the his or her dream job.

Working in food service or retail is not everyone’s first choice, yet this could instead be seen as a great opportunity to begin working again in a practical way, with eventual opportunities for advancement or switching to another, more preferred line of work. In the meantime, the individual can learn to regain his work ethic and the value of putting forth his best effort. There is also the option of returning to school if potential work options do not prevail. For example, receiving a certificate or a degree from a community college can lead to better work opportunities.

Credit problems

Many who abused drugs for great lengths of time can experience money problems, such as significant debt. For those who are addicted, obtaining drugs can become a top priority and the person could seek loans from others, or even resort to crime as a means of personal funding. Therefore, bad credit is a real possibility for many former drug users. Once proper employment is secured, the drug user can speak with a credit counselor for some excellent advice on how to get out of the red in a sound, intelligent fashion, according to

Volunteer work

Another option for recovering addicts is volunteer work, which can provide a healthy means of positively contributing to the community. Additionally, this can also be a great opportunity to spend time doing constructive work, thereby providing a positive distraction away from free time that would have been normally spent under the influence. There are numerous different options available, such as participating in a soup kitchen that helps to feed the homeless. Organizations such as Goodwill also offer volunteer opportunities as well.

Public speaking for stigma awareness

Another option for those willing to do so is to speak publicly about their experiences, as detailed by This can be a great means of increasing awareness. Many will unfortunately be quick to stigmatize those with drug problems or past drug problems, leading them to be portrayed in strictly negative light. While this is understandable to a degree, especially for those who have never engaged in substance abuse themselves, it is important to remember that drug users are humans too. Perhaps those who attend can walk away with a better understanding of how these people can be supported during recovery, so that they are less likely to relapse and return to their former ways.

Asking for help with detox from drugs is a life-changing decision. Detox is essential to recovery, but it is only the first step in the process: completing an entire rehab program is the most effective way for users to achieve and maintain sobriety. If you believe that you or a loved one could benefit from visiting a detox center, please do not hesitate to contact the Rapid Detox Helpline today at 866-403-5591 to start the journey towards recovery.